Local Program

Steps for Determining Our Local Program

A member of the League proposes a local governmental issue for consideration.

The Board approves the topic for consideration by the membership at the Annual Meeting.

A committee gathers and analyzes the information, clarifies the issue, identifies problems and evaluates the information objectively.

To formulate a position, the League needs consensus, which is reached through discussion. Members come to an overall "sense of the group" after the objective material presentation and then formulate an action plan.

The local Board determines if the issue is timely, if it is needed, whether there are resources to undertake the study, whether the issue is of great importance and whether the League can have an impact.

Members decide whether the issue will be undertaken during the upcoming League year.

The information is presented to the membership at one or more monthly meetings.  Questions are listed to assist in making decisions on the topic.

The local League re-adopts the local program annually.