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Holiday Party Auction Info

Auction Gallery:
View auction items and bid online now or wait until the Party!

We have plenty of items for auction but you can donate until Friday, December 4.  Please donate items that will encourage folks to bid and buy!  We're looking for items in good condition that will encourage competitive bidding and fit into our party time frame.  Proceeds will be used to fund our "Guide to Elected Officials".  


What to Donate:

  • Physical objects

  • Food: dish, meal, baked goods etc.

  • Service: that you will provide or provided by someone else

  • Gift Baskets: purchased or made by you

  • Gift Certificate: store, restaurant, etc.  

How to Donate:

Email a picture of the item to with the Subject "Auction Item". If you can't take a picture of the specific food item, Gift Basket or Gift Certificate you'd like to donate, send an image that would represent it with a brief description of the actual item.  If you need help with a representational image, send us an email and we'll help you out. 

Where to Send Your Donated Item:

Hold onto your item!  Once the Buyer has made her/his payment to LWVPBA, we'll email their contact details so you can arrange when and how to "deliver" they bought from you.

Donation Deadline: Friday, December 4th!

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