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Action Alerts - Spring 2021


April 2021


  • SB90 The Florida Legislature is now poised to obstruct Floridian’s access to the ballot box, with the measures in Senate Bill 90.  Help us defeat this bill!



  • HR 51 Support DC Statehood - From Virginia Kase, LWVUS CEO



  • HB 259 would allow people with concealed-weapons licenses to bring guns to churches, synagogues and other religious institutions that share property with schools.


  • Protect Dissent & Protest -- Oppose HB 1 and Protect Direct Democracy -- Oppose SB 1890


  • SB90 throws out vote by mail requests made for 2022,eliminates convenient drop boxes, and creates other barriers to make voting more difficult.   

  • HB7041 bans giving water/food to voters waiting in line, demands voters request vote-by-mail ballots every year instead of every two years, and bans anyone other than family from handling someone’s ballot.     

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